How To Get Upgraded To First Or Business Class

Don’t you burn in envy when you see those first and business class fliers yawning in comfort and relaxing on feather soft reclining seats while you struggle to catch some sleep in economy class? On some airlines, you barely get enough legroom for comfort in economy seats but it’s finally about the money factor, right? There is no denying that most Business and first class seats cost way above the reach of economy class fliers. However, by making the right move at the right time, you can get a class upgrade without paying.

8 Steps To Fly Business or First Class Without Bleeding Your Wallet:

1. Loyalty Matters

business class

You may find cheaper deals on the same route by various airlines, but it is wise that you stick with a particular carrier unless it is quite impossible. When you choose to fly by a particular airline for most routes, it hikes your chance of entering its elite category of customers. Even if you fly economy class over time, chances are there the airline will consider you for last minute upgrades to a higher class.

2. Using Air Miles

Using Air Miles

Various international airline companies offer air miles to their customers for flight seats they book. Granted, you will garner fewer points or miles by choosing an economy class, but the miles can be accumulated for utilizing later. When you find the airline is offering discounts on business or first class seats at a time, use the accumulated miles and points to fulfil the gap between economy and business class price.

3. Looking For Last Minute Upgrades

Last Minute Upgrades

This is quite unpredictable, but several economy class fliers have benefited by using the technique! Sometimes, a few business class fliers need to cancel their seat a few hours before the flight, leading to availability of a few empty seats in the class. Airlines want to avoid flying with empty seats and so a few lucky economy class fliers may be offered the upgrade. You have to be on lookout for such chances and asking the crew or gate agents may often do the needful.

4. Checking Your Email


After you fly with an airline, whether for domestic or international route, it may offer you special deals to retain you in the customer base. So, you may check your email sometimes to look for their promotional offers. They may offer discounts for business class seats occasionally.

5. Avoiding Peak Seasons

Carry Musical Instruments on Airplanes

When you fly to destinations thronged by vacationers and business fliers, opt for the off peak months. It also makes sense to book tickets on weekdays over weekends. On weekdays and in off season, flights have more empty seats in business and first class, thereby your chance of winning an upgrade is more.

6. You Need To Ask


Sometimes, asking the airline staffs upfront does the trick, however mundane or unrealistic it sounds! In some airlines, you get an option of requesting for a free upgrade while booking the ticket. Select the option when you buy the ticket and ask them later, even when you board the flight. This can get you an upgrade at no extra cost. Sometimes, you may also get a business class seat at very low rate.

7. Flying Single

flying solo

Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to book your flight ticket solo. For airlines, upgrading a single flier to upper class is easier than a family of three or more flying together

8. Choosing Premium Economy


Airlines like Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic offer premium economy class on select flights. Book such a seat on a flight and enhance your chances of getting upgraded to business class.