How To Avoid Food Poisoning While Traveling

Travelling is a penchant for a section of people while for others it brings a relief from monotony of life. However, travelling is not all about making merry, snapping picture at sea beach or mountainside and gorging on sumptuous foods! While you are heading to a travel destination, whether in same country or abroad, a few cautions should be practiced. A common hassle many travellers encounter is food poisoning. Food poisoning can be triggered by myriads of foods, as it is-during a tour.

Ways To Evade Food Poisoning When You Travel

Food poisoning is mostly caused by intake of contaminated food or beverages. There can be various parasites, germs and bacteria that remain in certain foods and eating such foods lead to the onset of various food-borne illnesses. These can affect food at any level of preparation. The commonplace symptoms of food poisoning are diarrhea, vomiting and skin allergy.

Couple Eating Food

Couple Eating While Travelling

Resort to the following tips to keep food poisoning hassles at bay when you travel:

  1. You may be tempted to eat from street vendors when exploring your holiday destination. For instance, street foods in places like Bangkok, Malaysia are quite popular with tourists. However, it would be wise on your part to avoid eating tempting fast foods from street vendors while you are exploring a new travel destination.
  2. You may stick to making healthier eating choices when travelling and it makes sense to eat fruits and vegetables over unknown and new foods items! However, it is important that you choose the vegetables and fruits carefully. It is better that you choose those vegetables and fruits that you will peel yourself. Examples include bananas, oranges and mangoes. Un-peelable fruits like grapes and berries can be risky in this regard. You should buy whole fruits and before eating, wash them in clear water.
  3. To be on the safe side, stick to bottled and sealed mineral water when you are travelling. Avoid drinking tap water at any cost while touring. In a situation you cannot find bottled drinking water, boil the tap water for some time and drink afterwards. For giving water to your toddlers while travelling, you need to be even more careful.
  4. After exploring hillside vacation destination, you may feel like relaxing at the night with a bottle of alcohol. It is not unsafe, but ensures you do not add ice cubes to the beverage! The ice can be made of contaminated water. You need not worry much about drinking steaming hot beverages like coffee or tea while travelling.
  5. Some travellers end up contaminating their own food, without being aware. This can happen when you have spent a lot of time in mud, dust and bushy regions while exploring travel destinations. However hungry you feel at the end of the day, ensure you wash your hands well with soaps before gorging on foods! It makes sense to carry a small hand sanitizer in a handbag or backpack while travelling
  6. It would be a wise step to give your immune system a boost before you travel to a new destination. To strengthen your immunity level, include probiotic foods in your meals. These foods enhance the amount of healthy bacteria in your guts. These will help you stave off bacterial contamination that can happen in a travel destination.
  7. When you eat out while travelling, look for hygiene level and cleanliness of the food stall or outlet. Everything from the kitchen’s appearance, cleanliness inside the eatery and table accessories matter here.
  8. Use the web to your advantage to evade the risk of eating unsafe food while travelling. Search online to find reputed restaurants at a travel destination.