How To Carry Valuables While Travelling

When we travel, be it a short or long trip, we carry several things. Many times we end up packing things that we not need and add bulk of the luggage. You may not be a backpacker, who is on the move while on a holiday, but it makes a lot of sense to travel light. The most important part of the luggage is our valuables and you should know how to keep them safe while travelling.

On small trips, we tend to carry money, jewellery and house and car keys. On long trips, we carry more valuable documents, like passport, visa, traveler’s checks, driver’s license and cash. While carrying any kinds of valuables, we have to be careful about not losing or misplacing them. The chances of misplacing valuables are high because we are in a strange place and are out of our comfort zone. On a holiday, we are excited and looking forward to relaxing and unwinding. We do not pay a lot of attention to our valuables and tend to leave them lying around or in the luggage.

Travel documents

If you are such a person, you definitely should know how to carry valuable while travelling. So, here are some tips that you will find useful.

Keep Your Money Safe

Always distribute the money in different parts of the luggage. Like they say, do not put all the eggs in one basket. Similarly, do not keep your all your money in one place. Because when you lose it, you lose the whole holiday cash. The best way to distribute it is to put most of the stuff in your wallet. However, do not overload your wallet at the same time. Put a part of the cash in your hand luggage and remaining in the main suitcase. Also, leave some cash in the deposit locker of the hotel room. This way you will ensure that there is some back up cash if you lose your wallet or some luggage in transit. Some people even put money for safekeeping in their socks. You can do this if you are not flying, considering most airports now require people to remove their footwear during security checks.

Treating Your Jewelry Well

It is best to avoid wearing precious jewellery while travelling. If you do have to carry jewellery, then pack smartly. Put them in a pouch or a box and lay it at the bottom of the suitcase. Never carry jewellery in a purse or hand luggage that goes along with you. The chances of robbery and unwanted crime are high in unknown places. However, luggage tends to be safer in the hands of the airline staff and your jewellery will remain unexposed to thefts.

While packing jewellery, keep them separate and do not pack it along with your passport or visa documents. If you are going to use the passport frequently, you may drop the jewellery or lose it because you will need access to these documents frequently.

Keeping Keys and Miscellaneous Items Safe

When you are on a holiday, you will not need your house or car keys. However, you will need them once you return. Every suitcase or a backpack will have a designated hook inside it for storing keys. Use these harnesses to keep the keys safe while you are travelling. You also would want the keys in such a place where they are easily accessible.

Use Backpacks for Their Convenience and Safety

Ditch handbags and purses; you don’t need them. Instead, use a backpack. It makes a lot of sense to use a backpack because you can store several things in it and also keep them safe. Another added advantage of using a backpack is that you have your hands free while travelling.

As a traveller, you must always be on the lookout for suspicious characters. Travellers are willing to trust anyone who helps them, but you need to keep an eye out on the person, who is trying to be friendly. He or she may not be a thief or scammer, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Your safety rests in your hands while travelling, so always be alert of your surroundings and keep your valuables safe.