How To Choose Luggage

Every time you travel, you spend several minutes waiting at the conveyor belt for your luggage to arrive. You watch every single piece of baggage carefully and hope the next suitcase or backpack arriving is yours. The worse thing that can happen to you is when your stuff turns up broken, damage or open. It is very embarrassing if your luggage comes with things falling out and exposing your undergarments to all and sundry! Choosing the right luggage can save you of such embarrassments and incidents and also give you the peace of mind while travelling.

Things to Consider

You have to take several things into consideration while buying luggage. For example, if you are buying a duffel bag, you need to give it a thought and see if it would fit into the overhead compartment of the airplane. You do not want to embarrass yourself by trying to stuff something that is over-sized into a small space. The key is to pick the right size, shape and material when choosing your luggage.

Right Luggage

Here are some invaluable tips on how to choose luggage that is just right and convenient.

Luggage Features

Most types of luggage, from backpacks to suitcases, come with wheels and back straps. These features are very helpful when you have to walk a long corridor in an airport. However, these features also add to the bulk of the luggage, making them heavier. Also, luggage that have wheels gotten stuck in overhead compartments and are difficult to put it in and take out of these compartments. Small luggage without wheels is often a better choice.

Your Faithful Backpack

Backpacks are a flexible type of luggage. They come in all sizes and some have a frame as well. These are the best types to have when you go camping or trekking. Or, you are on a budget holiday. Their main purpose is to help you travel light and easy. They are very convenient for people who are always on the move. However, while choosing backpacks, make sure that they do not have any wayward straps that can get tangled in the baggage carousel.

The Comfortable and Handy Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are great for long and short trips. They can fit in a lot of items and they are very flexible. Duffel bags are usually elongated and can squeeze easily in compartments and smaller spaces, like a car boot. However, these bags do not come with shoulder straps. They may strain your arm if you have to carry one for a long period of time. If you plan on buying a duffel bag, make sure you do not over-stuff it with things, thereby making it heavy and cumbersome.

The Good Ol’ Suitcase

Suitcases come in two models – with a hard case and a soft case. Hard-sided suitcases tend to weigh more than the softer ones. The advantage is that they last longer and do not get damaged easily. They are built to take pressure and weight.

Soft-sided suitcases are light to carry, but they are prone to damage. If you are going on a long trip that involves a significant amount of air travel then choose a hard-sided suitcase. Luggage is not handled very gently by airport staff and they are usually thrown around.

Designer luggage where every single piece matches is great to make a fashion statement. However, while travelling, you also need to ensure that the luggage is practical. It is great to have everything identical because you can easily identify your luggage on the carousel. But this is not the only reason. The luggage should be designed smartly to take care of all your travel needs. The next time you go shopping for luggage, keep these points in mind so that you choose the right one.