How To Make the Most of Cheap Holidays To Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the closest Canary island to Europe, and still considered Spanish territory, making it one of major vacation destinations for Spanish and British adventurers alike. The climate is sunny and warm year-round, and due to its convenient location, the majority of available holiday activities and accommodations are extremely affordable. You learn more than you could possibly imagine. However first, you need to consider all availability options that Lanzarote has to offer.

Where to Stay

Your primary holiday focus should first be your accommodations. Where you stay can make or break your entire trip. Hotels and lodges in Lanzarote can range from Luxury, 5 star palace resorts, to cheap, affordable, yet comfortable and enjoyable, smaller places to stay. A vast majority of hotels are located directly on the beach, which provides for beautiful sunsets, fun beach days, and cool ocean to refresh yourself in, not to mention the copious amounts of beach sports that can be played right in front of where you stay. When you’re tired, you can just waltz right back up to your lodge, and get ready for the next day of adventure.

Lanzarote-Thomas Willemsen

However, the beach is only the beginning. Lanzarote is laden with volcanic rock. A staple in the scenery, the rock is characteristic of the island, pushed upward by giant geysers all over the island. Where the rock isn’t beautifully painting the landscape, large flower beds have taken refuge among the hard terrain dotting the island with picturesque splotches of colour. The island is not flat though, it has many mountains and forests, and all around, the island has a beauty matched by few and bested by none.

Timanfaya National Park

As mentioned earlier, the volcanic activity below the crust gives way to gushing geysers, and none other are more spectacular than the ones showcased in the Timanfaya National Park. Not only are the sights of activity something to truly behold, but more than a considerable amount of knowledge is located just beneath the surface. While you would have to visit to learn it all, one significant tidbit would be that the water that runs beneath your feet, on its way to the sky, reaches temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, although you would never know from the surface.

Mix of Cultures

If you’re more into the culture, Lanzarote is a rich mixture of cultures. Having had its rich Spanish influence, and being an island of Africa as well as a major British destination for years, Lanzarote offers a melting pot of African and European cultures alike. This means two things: The food is amazing, and the entertainment is even better. If you’re not out enjoying an outstanding meal, courtesy of professional, gourmet chefs, then you should be out perusing the culture, learning the backgrounds, or watching an amazing show.

It is safe to say that Lanzarote offers a vast multitude of activities that are not only affordable, but extremely fun, and suited to any taste. Not only will you enjoy yourself, but you’ll also return home with more knowledge than you ever thought you had, and that in itself is worth the trip. So if you’re looking for a vacation that’s fun for everyone, make sure to consider the Island of Lanzarote.