How To Prepare While Traveling Overseas With an Infant

Traveling with an infant can seem like a challenging adventure, especially with layovers and delayed flights. However, with a lot of preparation, planning and an adventurous spirit, you can become a seasoned traveler.

Notify the Airline

When you’re booking your flight, you can notify the airline that you’ll be flying with an infant. This allows them to prepare for your departure by giving you a prime seat and ensuring that you have everything in order for when you check-in and during your flight.

Book Your Travel From Airport to Hotel

It is imperative to do research of the destination you are traveling to because every place has different customs to driving. Driving in an unfamiliar area can turn into a stressful situation that can be avoided. You can book low cost airport transfers online ahead of time so that you can get to your accommodations timely and avoid incessant delays.

traveling with an infant

Choose a Time Wisely

You can choose your departure for a time that may coincide with their nap or bedtime. During the day, you can stick to a normal routine. When it comes time for your flight, your infant should be ready for a nap. You can have the necessary equipment to aid in their comfort such as a blanket from home, stuffed toy animal and pacifier.

Pack Sensibly

Dependent on when you’ll be leaving, and the duration of your flight, you need to pack your bags wisely. While you can have the necessary equipment such as clothing, playard and other essential items stowed away, you should have a diaper carry on at-the-ready. This can include a couple of changes of clothing, bottles, food, snacks, pacifier and plenty of diapers. If you have layovers or your flight has been delayed, you’ll be prepared to keep your child happy. You should also include medications and any other important items that your child will need for the duration of the flight. If you’re breast-feeding your infant, you may want to bring an extra shirt and nursing pillow.

Treats and Surprises

Ear popping is a common occurrence during a flight, and you want to be prepared to relieve their discomfort. Feeding a child during take offs and landings can relieve uncomfortable symptoms. You can also bring along a few of your child’s favorite toys. However, you don’t want to irritate your fellow travelers, so you want to keep any noise to a minimum. DVRs with headsets can also prove beneficial in keeping the most finicky of children occupied during a long flight. To captivate your child further, you can surprise them with a new toy to be introduced upon your departure.

Proper Gear

It can be tiresome and difficult to carry your infant around a busy airport. This is especially true if the gates are far from your security check point. The right gear can provide relief when traveling and hold your various carry-on bags. A stroller is an essential piece of equipment, but you need to ensure that it folds easily and doesn’t take up a lot of room. It can also be a germ-free and comfortable environment for your child to nap if your flight has been delayed.

Traveling with an infant shouldn’t cause a parent to break out in a cold sweat. With the proper gear and a bit of planning, you can turn your excursion into a fun filled family adventure.

Writer Soriah Fleury understands the stress of having to plan ahead to ensure to comfort and safety of others. Having two younger sisters of her own she understands that entertainment is a #1 priority to them when it comes to traveling and without entertainment it could be one hectic ride. She has noted that low cost airport transfers relieves her family of the added pressure of having to find on their own the hotel that they booked.