How To Survive a Long Flight With Kids

Are you dreading your first long flight with your kids? Well, this is but natural as kids can become more demanding and notorious when they are outdoors, making it difficult for the parents to control them. They may at times embarrass their parents with their behavior. Instead of worrying, the best way is to think of a plan that will keep your kids occupied all through the flight. Also plan something in advance to pacify them if they become uncontrollable. Here are some tips that will help you to sail safely through a long haul flight with your kids.

Pack up what they Love the Most

Children are very possessive about their toys or a certain pillow or bag. They may ask for their favorite teddy bear or the soft, fluffy bag while on the flight. Moreover, when they have their favorite things with them, they are less bothered about the strange surroundings and feel more comfortable and at home even in a new place. Make sure to pack a few of their favorite toys to keep your Lil one company on a long flight. Be sure to also throw in a few colorful and illustrated books to read out to them when boredom seeps in.

air travel with kid

Give them the window seat

This is not an option if you are travelling with a very young child. But this can work great with toddlers and older kids. Allow for your child to sit at the window. You will be surprised to see that even the quietest of kids will have a dozen questions for you. Be patient and answer them all. Take the chance to teach them a little more about flying, clouds and other concepts!

Communicate Experience of Flying

Children can feel uncomfortable and strange in any new surroundings. This can make them anxious and stressed. To avoid such a situation, you must talk to your kids about the flying experience. If they are young, introduce them to flying through different videos that are available on the internet and relate to them your very first experience on a flight. This will help prepare your kid for a long and tiring flight and make them less apprehensive of the new experience. You will be surprised at how your child will not only understand what you tell him or her, but also be a lot calmer and in fact enjoy the flight with you.

Check out for the Perfect Flight Timing

Kids tend to sleep all through the night except waking up for a leak. So, if you are worried about your child’s behavior on a flight, just try to take a flight during the night. Your child will be asleep most of the time and you will have less cause to worry. For this, you need to plan and reserve your seats well in advance.

Keep the Snacks Handy

If you are riding a domestic flight, be sure that you are carrying snacks to feed the children on the flight, for when they are hungry. Like you already know, domestic flights no longer serve meals and dealing with a hungry and irritable kid can be unnerving. On the other hand, if you are taking an international flight, you can be rest assured that you will be served both snacks and meals on board. If you are travelling with a toddler or a baby, many airlines allow for you to carry food in cans or jars. Be sure to check the airline rules before you pack your bags with food.

Engage Them in Technology

Travelling without Smartphones, tablets or iPads, is simply not practical these days. But as a sensible parent, you must keep these tech-gadgets away from your children. However, the same rule can be broken on the flight just to keep them engaged and diverted. Let them use your Smartphones or tablets to playing video games or watch their favorite cartoons. Although almost all the airlines have their own section of entertainment reserved specially for kids, they might prefer having their own choice. And for a change, letting them play with your tab, might just make them feel important and special. Just do not forget to load your mobile with new kiddie games and songs.

Load More Than Normal

With kids, you never know what comes next! From spilling a can of juice on their clothes to soiling their pants if they are really young, you must be prepared for it all! So make sure that you carry clothing for an immediate change.

While these tips top our list, a little bit of creativity and ingenuity can help you travel easy with a young child. Yes, travelling with a young one can be a nightmare for many. But with a little preparation, you can sail through it without any hiccups. Like they say, “A mother always knows what can work the best for her kids.”