How To Take Your Yoga With You When You Travel

Travelling is fun; so is yoga. And, that is what makes yoga your perfect travel companion. While it is not essential to strict to that rigorous workout regimen you do every day while on your routine, you can incorporate a few subtle moves while on the journey to keep you fresh. Here are few tips that will help in including yoga when you travel.

7 Effective Tips To Do Yoga While On The Move

1. Go Slow

Accept the fact that you are travelling and you will not be able to indulge in your regular practice. So chalk up a realistic goal. Go slow. Do not push yourself too hard. 15 minutes or a few rounds of Surya Namaskar is good enough while you are travelling. You will be able to enjoy the trip in a blissful, non-guilty fashion.

yoga while travel

2. Include Yoga While Planning Your Trip

Planning is the key. Prepare a schedule that is simple, yet practical and effective that you will be able to stick to while you are on your trip. You can write it down or even carry your favorite DVDs with you. Or, if you are planning for a longer trip, then zero on a local class which would come within your budgeted expenditure.

3. Say No To Excuses

You can find a huge bag of lame excuses to avoid practicing yoga. What is more important is to learn to say no to these excuses that prevent you from indulging in your favorite fitness regimen. Let that travel not take away your spirits. Are you feeling worn out after a hectic day? Try some relaxing poses. It does not need a huge space. You can even try some standing relaxation poses or poses while lying down on that couch.

4. Start Your Day With Surya Namaskars

What else can replace Surya Namaskar to kick off a relaxing, yet energy filled day? Do a few rounds – say 5 rounds, preferably slow paced, indulging in deep breathing with each pose. You will feel the fatigue melting away with loads of energy filling in you…

5. On A Beach Holiday? Try Aqua Yoga

You can do water in yoga. Quite a few balancing poses or even lying down poses can be practiced. Water, undoubtedly, is an awesome place to practice yoga. It is not just refreshing, but rejuvenating as well.

6. Yoga Is Not About Asanas Alone

Yoga is not about poses and asanas. You can sit in a place of your comfort zone and practice some breathing or meditation techniques. You can chant mantras while on the flight or in transit. Surrender yourself to the flow and move along with it, trusting things are happening for your good.

7. Pack Up Your Yoga Mat And Yoga Wear

Getting yoga while on travel is definitely a challenging one but is a feasible one. Planning is what you need. So, while packing your traveler’s bag, ensure that you are including your favorite yoga mat and yoga wear in it. Opt out of your usual heavy weight mat. Instead choose a lightweight mat or a yoga blanket. If you practice using props, then opt to include the lightweight versions of the blocks and other props as well.

With these effective tips handy, you will always be able to do yoga even if you are travelling. So, ready to enjoy yoga and your travel! Bon voyage!