How To Travel Organized And With Style

It has surely happened plenty of times that you are digging through your luggage and looking for your passport or charger, searching for the other sock or sitting on your suitcase fighting to close minutes before you leave. Avoid the pre-journey madness trap and prepare on time with these seven tips.

1. Be prepared for flying with a plane

Plane travel can affect your skin immensely, whether it is dry of oily. Because of that, if you want to arrive looking good, you need to do some on plane care. Get small, travel versions of your skincare products and put them in a transparent handbag, to avoid unnecessary problem during departure when you are passing by the security on the airport.

During the flight you will need wet wipes for your face, a hydrating mask, hydrating creme, creme for your eyes, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Everything else should be left in the suitcase. For an extra refreshment, bring a bottle of thermal water or active oxygen with you.

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2. Wear comfortable shoes

No matter which transport means you are traveling with, the most important thing is that you are comfortable. Wear sneakers or sandals, and bring a pair of spare socks if you like to take your shoes off while you travel. If your feet are prone to swelling or you try some activities for first time, wear a bit more wide shoes, if possible half a size larger.

3. A smart man writes, the fool remembers

An organized traveler makes multiple lists. You have to have a packing list, what you need to visit in your destination, a reminder for everything you need on your journey, stuff like a passport, charger or toothbrush.

Keep your lists for the next time you travel and you will have them ready, it is up to you to just tick whatever you need.

4. Prepare electronic devices

Maybe at your travel destination you won’t have access to fast or free Internet or you might not even have Internet. Because of that, while you are at home download all the books you want, as well as music, films or TV shows, if you are planning on taking your laptop or tablet with you.

5. Keep it simple

For a relaxed journey you need only one smaller bag for your passport, travel plan, credit card and money. Everything of that can fit in your wallet, and the passport can be held in a special case if you like that. Also, take a smaller wallet that you will be using during your vacation.

Don’t forget, if you are traveling by plane, you will collect a lot of papers, the boarding ticket, suitcase barcode and more.

A very important thing is that when you arrive at your hotel you put the passport in the safe so you don’t have to think about it and spend your vacation relaxed.

6. Organize your luggage

Surely, people dressed in elegant clothing, on high heels and “Louis Vuitton” suitcases can only be seen in a movie. But, if you want to make things easier while you are towing your suitcase and handbag, as well as avoid paying extra weight because you crossed over the boundary of the luggage weight, prepare ahead.

Buy your suitcase in a flashy color so you recognize it easier. Don’t forget to mark your suitcase with a special tag, where your name, address and email should be written on, in case your suitcase is lost. And, make an effort to buy a suitcase with a password, because in that way you will have less to worry about.

7. Be chic during your travel

Although you are not a celebrity and you don’t have to think about paparazzi, it won’t hurt you if you travel dressed up and chic. Be sure to take your sunglasses with you, because they will do good when you step in the sunlight after exiting the plane. Also, next to that you can have a scarf or sash by you as they will keep you warm during your journey on the plane, and will add a dash of glamour to every combination.

Milan Budimkic, the author of this article, is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the health, travel, sport, entertainment, and much more. When not blogging, he likes to travel and read a lot.