How Traveling Makes You A Healthier Person

There is hardly anyone who does not love to travel, is not it? Traveling expands your flexibility, helps you relax and enriches knowledge to a large extent. However, you will be mistaken to think the benefits of traveling are limited to leisure, sightseeing and binge eating. It is not just about breaking from your hectic daily routine and indulging in food, drinks and shopping. On the contrary, travelling offers you several health benefits. The benefits are not restricted to your body, but your mind is also affected in a positive way.

Top 9 Ways In Which Travel Makes You Healthier:

Traveling With Young Children

1. Better Sleep


Usually, when you go for a vacation, you tend to sleep more and in a relaxed manner. There is no rush to wake up early as the alarm goes off- which happens otherwise! After exploring sightseeing options and getting involved in activities in a vacation destination, you become tired and doze off peacefully. The profound sleep helps your body to rejuvenate. This is definitely beneficial for your health.

2. Enhanced Longevity

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You may be a little amazed to read this, but a number of studies reveal traveling does help you live longer than those who don’t travel. A 2013 study carried out in the USA indicated people who take vacations every year face reduced heart attack risk than those who don’t travel. The difference is perceptible for both genders.

3. Reduced Level of Stress

Reduce Stress At Work

Everyone like you, gets subjected to stress, both in professional and personal life. While some people resort to nightclubs, weekend movie watch or dining out to beat the blues, these are not long term solutions to combat stress. Vacation, on the other hand can act as a major stress buster. You get rid of your monotonous chores, office work and forget the worries for some time. When you return from the trip, you feel energized and positive.

4. Enhanced Fitness

Swim to Stay Fit

With the exception of luxury travel enthusiasts, other vacationers indulge in plenty of activities when exploring vacation destination. Based on the location and topography of your travel destination, you may have to indulge in plenty of physical activities. Examples include trekking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. As a result, your body becomes fitter. You end up burning more calories in a vacation.

5. Enhanced Brain Functioning


When you set out on a trip, the entire experience impacts your body along with brain in a positive manner. The brain is put to work, as you need to make good use of your cognitive skills when you travel. Apart from doing the basic homework about food, local travel and sightseeing, you will also have to think and analyze a lot of things while travelling. This includes cost planning, using maps to find sightseeing and resolving lots of issues. As a result your brain’s gray cells get stimulated and your cognitive skills get a boost.

6. Improved Sex Life

Sex life

Every person benefits from good sex life eventually, regardless of caste and race. Your mind gets relaxed after exploring the new place, tasting new food and amidst relaxation. As a result, you get into a better frame of mind. This helps you and your partner to feel sexually charged up and you can satisfy each other more in bed.

7. Antidote to Depression

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Nearly every man or woman gets subjected to depression nowadays- for some reason or other. Rather than taking anti depression pills or visiting a psychologist repeatedly- you can take a break. Vacation therapy works better than others for battling depression- for both genders. However, you should choose the right and compatible partners for travel when you are undergoing depression.

8. Fresh Air

Sunny Morning

Unless you are heading to a very congested industrial city for the vacation, you will get plenty of fresh air. Vacationers heading to hill resorts or serene seaside destinations get the benefit of breathing in unpolluted, fresh air for a long stretch. It benefits your lungs and overall health.

9. Weight Loss

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Except for those who just love rolling on sea beaches, watching nature, other people may end up lose some weight after returning from a vacation. If you indulge in activities like swimming, hiking and walking a lot when exploring a vacation destination, it is bound to make a difference to your rising waistline.