How Does Overconsumption of Oregano Oil Affect Health

Oregano is an herb that is known for its numerous healing and medicinal properties. The essential oil obtained by extracting its leaves has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Oil of oregano has been used by several tribes since ancient times owing to its properties.

Usage of Oil of Oregano

Oil of oregano is used to treat several disorders like:

The oil is applied on skin to take care of skin problems. It is also used topically to repel insects.

oregano oil

Side Effects of Oil of Oregano

While Oil of Oregano has some medicinal properties, it can also cause some adverse effects when not used in the right way or taken in the right amount.

Below Listed Are Top 10 Side Effects of Oil of Oregano:

Iron Consumption Deficit

When you consume oregano oil it may interfere with your body’s capacity to absorb iron from foods. This may result in your body becoming deficient in iron when you use this oil regularly. To thwart this, you can take additional iron supplements with food. Women need to be especially careful about this.

Effect On Pregnancy

Pregnant women should avoid using oil of oregano for more than one reason. It can stimulate blood flow within the womb and affect lining of the fetus. Besides, it can also affect iron absorption in the body and fetus to an extent.

Allergic Reactions

There are some women and men who are allergic to herbs like sage, mint, basil and thyme. Chances are there they may develop sensitivity to oil of oregano. If you develop allergic reaction on skin or in body after using the oil, stop usage and seek medical intervention

Risk For People With Sensitive Skin

Even if they do not have allergy towards oregano or similar herbs, people with sensitive skin types may develop allergy after applying this oil topically. This can be handled by dissolving this oil with carrier oils like olive oil.

Risk of Bleeding Disorder

People with bleeding disorders can face worsening of condition after using this oil. For the same reason, you should stop its usage before undergoing any surgery.

Problem For Diabetes Victims

Oregano might have a role in reducing blood sugar levels. So you need to use it with caution when you have diabetes.

Burning Feeling On Skin

People without any skin problem can also face a burning sensation when they apply this oil on skin directly. It happens more when you apply the oil on genital region. Applying it with coconut oil is a solution you can opt for.

Stomach Problems

The oil is also taken orally sometimes. However, the oil should be diluted well before consumption. If that is not done, it can result in stomach problems. If this is what you face try taking capsule of oregano.

Liver Toxicity

Excess of anything is bad and that applies for oil of oregano as well. The oil may have some medicinal properties but it should be taken in recommended dosage for getting the benefits. If you take the oil in elevated amounts, that can result in development of thymol in kidneys and liver in excess amounts. This can cause liver toxicity. So, keep a tab on amount of this oil you take orally to be on safe side.


While the side effects of this oil are not exactly fetal, they can be serious unless you are careful. It is always advisable that you consult a qualified doctor before using the oil either topically or orally.

Even too much of elixir can turn into poison. Keep a check on your consumption of oregano oil. Consume this oil in the right quantities to reap its many health benefits.