How To Avoid Constipation While Traveling

There are times when your hard bowels upset your entire vacation. The change in your routine is the primary reason behind constipation while traveling. A different sleeping schedule, jet lag, and varying meal times could upset your circadian rhythm, which in turn throws your digestive process into trouble. Unfamiliarity with the new bathroom could throw your body into stress, thereby stimulating constipation.

11 Simple Tips That You Could Try To Prevent And Ease Constipation While Traveling.


1. Walk As Soon As You Wake Up!

Give your gastrointestinal tract some motility by exercising could help in clearing the bowels better. Sneak in a small stroll after you wake up while you are on travel to help you with the same.

2. Avoid Sitting For Longer Duration!

Take a stroll while you are travelling for long duration by flight or train. If you are traveling by car, make sure you are taking adequate breaks in between to avoid putting stress on your bowels.

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3. Include Fiber In Your Meals!

Fiber is well-known for its power to eliminate constipation. It bulks up the stools, enabling its smoother and easier passage through your intestines. It is very easy for you to skip your breakfast or indulge in meals that are not nutritious during your vacation. This, in turn, could clog your digestive tract, increasing the risk of constipation. So make sure that each of your meal comes with adequately loaded with fiber. You could also include fruits as your snack to make the most out of its fiber.

4. Create A Routine!

Whenever possible, try to stick to your usual schedule. It is okay to have your breakfast at 7.30 am and lunch at 12 noon during your vacations also. A major change in your meal timing could alter the bowel schedule, triggering upset stomach. Similarly, try to sleep and wake up around the same time as during your normal routine. A drastic change to the sleep schedules also impacts your circadian rhythm, which eventually leads to upset stomach and constipation.

5. Do Not Forget To Drink Water!

This is yet another important thing you need to take care of while travelling to lower the risk of constipation. Make sure you drink water more than what you usually drink as you will need more fluid to keep your digestive functions in place while travelling. Water is also essential to aid fiber to bind with the stools and make them soft to ensure normal bowel movements.

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6. Avoid Excess Alcohol!

Alcohol is known to upset your entire digestive system, triggering constipation. It ups the risk of dehydration, which in turn leaves your stools solid. While it is quite natural for alcohol to be a major part of vacation, make sure that you are not overdoing. You should also increase your water intake if you are having a party so as to avoid constipation.

7. Try To Reduce The Consumption of Foods That Are Low In Fiber!

Vacations are fun, but do not give yourself a chance to indulge in foods that do not contain any fiber. Try to cut down the intake of processed foods, pizzas, chips, candies, and ice creams as they worsen your constipation. It is also advisable to avoid foods that are rich in sugar and refined flour. You can also cut down the intake of packaged juices and frozen foods as they contain numerous preservatives that could upset your gut, triggering constipation.

8. Create And Indulge In A Vacation Exercise Regimen!

You do not have to skip your workouts just because you are travelling. Create a schedule that would perfectly fit into your travel regimen. Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, hiking, or yoga – the choice is yours. But whenever you get a chance, go for it. Move your body so that your gut is also motile, which in turn could help you avoid constipation.

9. Listen To The Cues Your Body Gives You!

Your body knows what is the best for it. So always listen to it. If your body is insisting on visiting a bathroom, just go for it. It does not actually matter wherever you are. Controlling the urge of your body to eliminate the waste could trigger or worsen your constipation issues.

10. Carry Natural Laxatives With You!

If you have a tendency to develop constipation while travelling, make sure that you are carrying some natural laxatives or stool softeners with you. You could take the advice of your physician before your try some laxative. There are numerous ones available in the market, but check with your doctor to rule out any unwanted side effects that would upset your vacation.

11. Get Rest As Much As Possible.

As with food and water, people tend to compromise on sleep also while travelling. If you are finding it difficult to close your eyes due to a change in the location, try to indulge in some nice stretches and breathing techniques that would help your body relax. There are numerous yoga apps that offer you a simple bedtime routine. Try those programs to gently coax your body to sleep.

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Travelling is fun and interesting, but taking care of your body and its needs are essential to ensure uninterrupted fun. So, take care and enjoy!