Vitamin D Deficiency May Raise The Risk Of Getting COVID-19

Coronaviruses are a category of viruses that cause illness in human beings. The condition can vary from the common cold to more severe MERS and SARS. COVID-19 is one of the types of coronavirus. It is a novel coronavirus which was originated in China, Wuhan, and quickly spread to the whole world. Most of the coronaviruses are seen in mild conditions only causing cold, except MERS and SARS. And COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus which is not seen in humans before. It affects the nose, throat, respiratory tract causing breathing problems. It can also lead to pneumonia or even death.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry throat, and cold; infection occurs through the air droplets from infected persons through coughing or sneezing, similar to the common cold. The symptoms are generally shown 4 to 5 days after infection or can be demonstrated even after 14 days. Up to now, no vaccinations or complete cure are there for COVID-19. The ideal is to prevent it from being spread. To prevent it, follow the medical policies like using masks, social distancing, and washing face and hands with soap frequently.

Factors affecting the cause of COVID-19

Some factors can contribute to the cause of a person getting infected with COVID 19. Age, obesity, other illness, sex, food habits are some of the factors. According to the study, older adults are more vulnerable to getting affected by COVID-19. And if the patient has some other illnesses like heart problems, asthma, low immunity, etc., then the COVID can affect them severely compared to others. The study identifies that gender by obesity were the other factors associated with the higher risk and need for higher care at the hospitals. The foods we eat also affect this. Suppose the diet contains all the nutrients like vitamins, then there will be less chance for the infection since it can provide more immunity to the body. Even when infected, the efficiency of treatment or medication is accepted by the body, and the rate of survival will be more.

Vitamin-D deficiency and COVID-19

Vitamin D is essential to the immune system that helps to lower the respiratory problems. Vitamin-D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for the human body. It is necessary to the immune system, and the supplements will lower the chance of respiratory tract infections. It can protect the body against illness in general. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the body’s immune system, which enables the paramount protection against any diseases. The primary benefit of vitamin D is, it can increase the function of the immune system since it contains anti-inflammatory and resistant regulatory properties. It also improves the function of immune cells like T-cells and macrophages that protect the body from foreign particles like pathogens. A low amount of vitamin D in the body can increase the chance of getting diseases like tuberculosis, asthma, respiratory tract infections, etc. It also helps to enhance the lung’s capacity and thereby decreasing the respiratory ailments.

There are not so many studies proving the direct correlation of vitamin D with coronavirus. Analyzing the properties of vitamin D like increasing the immunity and giving protection against respiratory problems, we can say that the required amount of vitamin D in the body can protect or the supplements can prevent from virus to some extent.

In recent studies, it’s proved that low vitamin D levels may increase the risk of getting COVID-19. Many different scientists have found that people with vitamin d less than 20ng/ml have been affected by a coronavirus. It was tested corona positive for 95% population with no sufficient vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays an essential role in the metabolism of Zinc which reduces the ability of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) to multiply. Higher the vitamin with lower interleukin six levels is a major target for controlling cytokine storm in COVID-19. The ability of replication of the virus is being reduced with the help of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D is naturally obtained from sunlight in the morning and evening. Taking vitamin d supplementation can reduce the risk of being affected by COVID-19 and reduce the severity of the disease if someone is concerned. According to the studies, about half of the people affected by a coronavirus in America were vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D is produced in the skin while exposed to sunlight, required for regulating the adequate calcium levels and phosphate in the body; both are necessary for our bones and muscles. Moreover, this is mandatory for different body functions.

Also, it doesn’t mean that the person with high vitamin d levels would not be affected by COVID-19. The studies are still going on. People have to stay safe with social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding unwanted touching, sanitizing hands. To get high vitamin d includes nutrients with enriched vitamin d. Instant vitamin – d can be obtained from fish oil tablets.


The studies show that vitamin D supplements are more effective in protecting against ARI when taken in small doses and less effective when taken in large amounts. In older people, who are more vulnerable to get COVID-19, when given vitamin D supplements, showed a reduced mortality rate. It is also demonstrated that lower vitamin content produced the cytokine storm, which is a process in which the protein cytokine, which contains anti-inflammatory properties, are released uncontrollably, which leads to tissue damage. Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of COVID-19. Vitamin D deficiency makes you more susceptible to infections and thereby harming the immune system. The proper dose of Vitamin D can enhance your immune system as a whole so that it can act as a support for recovery or protection from COVID-19.