How Butter Is Actually Good For Your Body

Butter is bad for health or rather that is the premonition that most of the people across the world have for this milk-based fat. The low fat diet craze that is prevalent across the world have paved way for shunning the healthy fat. The good old butter that is prepared from grass-fed cows is one of the best and healthy fats you could give your body. It is just healthy and healthier than your favorite margarine. According to the beliefs, margarine is healthier than butter because it has low cholesterol and saturated fats. But that is the blunder all of us have made.


Rich in conjugated linoleic acid, butter is the best spread you could use in your meal. It could be help in combating cancer and diabetes. What is more shocking is that inclusion of this healthy fat in your diet could even help you with your weight loss. Read on to know how exactly butter benefits your body!

The 8 Reasons Why You Should Eat Butter

1. Good Source of Vitamins

Butter contains a wider array of vitamins. It contains vitamin A in plentiful amounts, which is essential for the proper functioning of human body. Along with maintaining your vision, this vitamin also plays a vital role in ensuring that your endocrine system functions properly. Butter is also a good source of vitamin E, D, and K. While vitamin E is essential for your skin and hair health, vitamin D helps with your bone and joint health. Vitamin K is required to promote proper blood clotting.

2. Packed With Minerals

Butter contains various minerals like selenium, copper, zinc, iron, and chromium, and manganese in admirable levels. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and one gram of butter contains this trace element in higher amounts as against what is present in one gram wheat germ or herring.

3. The Perfect Omega 6 And Omega 3 Balanced Fatty Acid

It is astonishing, but the fact is that this healthy fat is the best source of a balanced omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty. It also contains arachidonic acid that helps in balancing prostaglandin, improves skin health, and ensures that brain functions normally.

4. The One-Stop Resource For Healthy Fats

Butter is packed adequately with medium and short chain fatty acids, both which boost the immune system. These fats also ensure that your metabolism gets revived up.

5. Good For Your Gastrointestinal System

Butter contains Glycospingolipids, that ensures that your gastrointestinal system is guarded from various infections. The presence of healthy fats give butter its anti-microbial properties, thus making it good for your intestinal health.

6. The Goodness of Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Grass-fed butter is well-known for its rich presence of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. CLA, according to studies, helps in better burning of fat. Various research studies also suggest that Conjugated Linoleic Acid could lower the risk of diabetes and cancer.

7. Natural Source of Good Cholesterol

Body requires cholesterol to ensure that the cells carry out their functions as intended. Cholesterol, which is looked upon with fear, is also essential for the proper development and functioning of nervous and neurological systems, including brain.

8. The Presence of Wulzen Factor

The Wulzen factor is a substance that is quite similar to hormones in its functioning. According to studies, this substance is required to ensure that calcium deposits happen in the bones. This is the stuff that can do wonders in easing and preventing the joints from stiffening.

The Benefits of Butter For Your Health

Is butter really healthy? Let us see…

1. Protects You From Heart Diseases

heart disease

Grass-bed butter is richly packed with various vitamins, minerals, and other compounds such as vitamin E, A, K, and D2, selenium, lecithin, and iodine. Studies conducted on butter suggest that people who use this healthy fact as part of their diet have 50% fewer chances of developing heart diseases.

2. Averts The Risk of Cancer


According to a laboratory study conducted on animals, it was noticed that inclusion of 0.5% of Conjugated linoleic acid in the diet could reduce cancers such as breast, lung, skin, stomach, and colorectal by more than 50%. And, butter is a good source of CLA.

3. Helps With Weight Loss

butter weight loss

The fat burning potential of butter comes from the presence of Conjugated linoleic acid. Studies suggest that people who use CLA as part of their healthy diet and exercise enjoy better fat loss. It also improves the lean mass. According to a study that appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, inclusion of 3 grams of CLA could help in losing one pound of fat in a month.

4. Helps In Combating Painful And Stiff Joints

Shoulder pain

The Welzen factor present in raw butter along with vitamin K2 shield the joints from calcification. This substance also safeguards the arteries from being plagued by deposits. It is also essential to prevent pineal gland calcification and cataracts. Thus regular inclusion of butter in the diet could ease and prevent painful joint conditions such as arthritis.

5. Good For Your Thyroid

Butter - Good For Your Thyroid

The iodine present in butter can be easily absorbed by the body and hence can be easily incorporated by the vegetarians in their diet to prevent goiter. The vitamin A in the butter ensures the proper functioning of thyroid gland, shielding you from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

6. Aids In Growth And Development

Boost Your Child’s Immunity

The plethora of vitamins and minerals along with healthy fats ensure the proper growth and development in children. Studies suggest that a diet low in healthy fats could result in mental retardation.

7. Keeps Your Bones And Teeth Healthy

Strong bones

Butter contains the vitamins A, D, and K in excellent amounts. These vitamins ensure that the bones and teeth absorb calcium and phosphorous and are healthy.

8. Good For Your Respiratory System

Respiratory System

The saturated fats present in butter ensure that the lungs and respiratory system function the right way, thereby shielding you from various conditions including asthma.

9. Helps With Fertility


Studies suggest that the nutrients present in butter improve the fertility levels and could help the women regulate their menstrual cycles.

10. Good For The Skin

dry skin

Butter is a good source of healthy fats. Plus, it also contains the antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E. All these ingredients ensure that the skin health is taken care of the right way. Topical application of butter heals dry skin and chapped lips. It could also be used to ease sunburns and diaper rash in babies.

Are you still thinking to exclude butter from your diet? Think again as inclusion of butter as a part of healthy diet and lifestyle could fetch in only benefits.